School Support

Non-Chinese speaking (NCS) students

  • For non-Chinese applicant interview, parents may request interpretation and/or translation service in advance, or they may be accompanied by a Chinese-speaking relative/friend to facilitate communication.
  • Provide special equipment/material to support the learning of Chinese, such as Chinese learning computer software and Reader pens.
  • Make available a variety of cultural activities and encourage our children and their parents to take active parts so as to improve coordination and relationships.
  • Encourage parents to take active participation in our campus activities as volunteers such as serving as helpers in our kindergarten outing days, so as to enable them to understand better the operation of the kindergarten as well as the learning progress of their children.
  • Provide school social work services in order to render timely support to our children and their parents. Keep close contact with related organizations enhancing the support in the learning of the language.
  • School whatapps telephone no.:51335766 replies can assist non-Chinese speaking parents with enquiries in English.
  • Please contact us at EMAIL: or our phone no.: 26970877
  • Links for parents and students