About Us


Program Features

  • Design diverse integrative activities which base on pre-school  children's features of  development and interests. Allow children take part in integrative activities to enhance their  learning motivation, nurture their spirit of active exploration and learning.
  • We provide a stimulating learning environment, including small class learning. Children can obtain knowledges by interactive through whole language learning and Picture Book of Moral  Education. And to know well on self-directed learning. 
  • Children can experience on technology through My Kiddieworld, Education Information Service.
    Learning English and Mandarin through stories and games. This enables children to become biliterate in written English and Chinese and spoken Cantonese, English and Mandarin. 
  • Promote Paired Reading activity regularly. Aims to develop children's reading interest and habits. 
  • Set up a science learning area to fulfill the desire of knowledge. By interaction, process of exploration, discussion and analysis, help children to strengthen self-confidence and expand language skills. 

Aims of Programe

  • To nurture children positive social-behavior and manage their feelings efficiently. 
  • Allow teachers use Kimochis to awareness and help student's need.
  • Allow children recognize and manage their emotional by themselves.
  • Allow children learn control themselves efficiently.
  • Allow children learn concern and care others.
  • Allow children build up and maintain interpersonal relationship.
  • Allow children learn to take responsibility of their decision.


Kimochis Emotional and Behaviors Education Program

Lok Sin Tong's kindergarten attention on students' mental development. Therefore, we involve Kimochis Emotional and Behaviors education course. We take the teaching materials of Kimochis for our kindergarten to match the project which we concern on this school year, and closely linked to our school motto “Benevolence, Affection, Diligence and Faithfulness”. Ellen Dodge is an American education director and curriculum author of Kimochis. Kimochis owned many international prizes. It is popular in America and Australia’s schools and parents, is an overall emotional teaching material for the user. 


Invitational Education School

Invitation Education (IE) was founded jointly by American scholars, Dr. William W. Purkey and Dr. Betty L. Siegel. The core educational belief of IE sees all persons as able, valuable and responsible. An inspirational environment is necessary for students to fully develop their potentials. Therefore, the two founding scholars strongly advocate schools to cultivate trusting, respectful and optimistic school ethos, allowing students to study and learn under an exceptionally compassionate and encouraging environment, and nurture their self-regards and help them realize their potentials and talent to the full.
Through the concept of 5Ps - People, Places, Policies, Programs and Processes, Inviting Schools strive to excel their education quality and reinforce students' self-esteem and self-confidence, and allow students to have positive personal development and academic advancement. Each student's potential will be fully realized to facilitate their best.